When Anatoly and Leonid Yuffa fled Russia for the United States in 1979, they knew that opportunity was waiting for them if they were willing to put in the work. Their journey is the legacy of DAZBOG Coffee. Since the company’s inception in the mid 90’s, they knew that to survive in an industry flooded with strong competition, they would need a novel brand to create curiosity and a coffee with award winning taste. Adrenalin ran with the Russian theme and created a brand that pays homage to the brother’s homeland. Russian art on the packaging, store interiors and campaigns gave the company its character while intriguing names pulled from the brother’s childhood experiences; including White Nights Espresso® KGBlend® and Hermitage House Blend® gave DAZBOG the separation it needed to thrive.


DAZBOG is available through franchised coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores across the United States and recently launched a line of whole leaf teas.

“To be a successful company you need outstanding branding and marketing, and Adrenalin knows how to build brands and marketing strategies that drive revenue. Adrenalin is a valued DAZBOG partner and its services will directly support the success of our franchisees.”
– Anatoly (Tony) Yuffa | CEO