When the LA Kings came to Adrenalin for a new campaign, they were tied for last place in the NHL and had not been to the Stanley Cup Playoffs for six seasons. Attendance was holding strong but the team’s brand value appeared to be slipping. Adrenalin wasted no time in organizing qualitative and quantitative research. Within weeks, Adrenalin and team management had a clear vision for the team’s campaign and Pride=Passion=Power was introduced as the new slogan. Adrenalin’s campaign development instilled a future of optimism and as a result, season ticket holders felt a new sense of pride—they became members of the team. The campaign carried the team into the playoffs and was with the fans when the team brought home their first Stanley Cup in 2012.


Revenue from increased ticket sales and corporate partnerships are at record levels and the team has a brand position that will endure regardless of wins and losses.

“The Adrenalin team has proven themselves as a valuable part of the LA Kings’ team, we look forward to continuing the relationship with Adrenalin and the results they create.”
– Jonathan Lowe | Vice President of Marketing