Founded in the late 80’s by Steve Hudson as a caving rope company, Pigeon Mountain Industries (PMI) has grown to one of the most trusted rope companies in the world. Be it wind turbine repair, bridge and dam inspections, fire rescue or any other facet of the vertical world, PMI is synonymous to words like trust, reliability, craftsmanship and US Made. When searching for an agency to help grow the brand, PMI executives met with Adrenalin and knew right away that they found a partner that put the same care into brand building as PMI put into rope and supply development. Adrenalin serves as the agency of record for PMI and is responsible for all creative and brand positioning through the execution of on-line and print campaigns, catalog production, and web design.


PMI has doubled their manufacturing and is currently producing more product than any other time in their 30+ years in business.