USA Climbing (USAC), a National Governing Body (NGB) of competition climbing in the United States serves close to 4,000 members and is growing in double-digit rates. USAC was presented with branding challenges that the organization would need to overcome to properly position the sport to its growing membership. Leadership and USAC turned to Adrenalin to help them climb to the top and convey their brand to the world through a consistent story. Starting with a quick analysis of USAC past efforts and progress to date, Adrenalin was able to gain insight into the sport and gain a better understanding of how it was perceived by members, nonmembers and partners.



Adrenalin delivered a modified version of the USAC’s logo with a family of logos to compliment the primary logo for their many events. In addition, Adrenalin created a brand toolbox and marketing materials that provides the necessary elements to give USAC an updated sleek consistent look as they continue to convey their narratives and messages to members and potential members.